Bangkok City Pillar Shrine

On the significance of Bangkok’s first building.

Lak Muang are pillars that are found in many cities throughout Thailand; they are built to commemorate the founding of that particular city. In 1782, when King Rama I moved the capital of Siam from Thonburi to Bangkok, he built the Bangkok City Pillar Shrine (also known as San Lak Muang). It was actually the first ‘building’ built in the new capital, predating even the Grand Palace. Originally consisting of just a single pillar, it has morphed over time into a widely visited shrine that is said to house the city’s spirit deity whom many people believe has the power to grant wishes. Therefore, many tourists and locals come to the shrine to seek blessings and pray.

San Lak Muang can be found in the south eastern corner of Sanam Luang.