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  • Cat on Baking

    Cat on Baking

    My daughter's latest enthusiasm in baking has also prompt me to take a renewed interest. When it comes to cooking, baking has never been my strong point. My cakes were always half the height they are suppose to be and my scones and pies were always flat!

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  • Nat on toast

    Nat on toast

    First it was wonderful, plain white bread. Then it was reviled. Yet Nat rediscovers how toothsome toast can be when made with a slice of good old, home baked white.

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  • An Octave above

    An Octave above

    Urban mountaineering Bangkok style: Chris scales peak, discovers new sky bar.

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  • What’s cooking: nam prik hed

    What’s cooking: nam prik hed

    With this pestle and mortar Chow does wed … a medley of flavours in this essential Thai dip.

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