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’What Happened To The Drunken Sailor?’ Party at Viva and Aviv

Great grog by the river and a boatful of fun.

After spending too much time getting ready for a fashion show that was too short, I found myself all dressed up with nowhere to go. So I sent an S.O.S. message to Vina Charay, my go-to girl for the best parties in town. Within seconds she had invited me to the naval themed 'What Happened to The Drunken Sailor' birthday party of Dannie Sorum, Hermine Bonde and Thomas Anostam taking place at the recently opened Viva & Aviv at River City. I felt it was pertinent for me to go and check out the newest venture of some of the city’s hottest guys in the bar and restaurant business, and to give Dannie a hard time for not personally inviting me!

I arrived at the River City pier and followed the sound of party music that led me straight to Viva & Aviv, where I was greeted by seamen and sailor girls who were all anticipating what will happen to the drunken sailor. Besides hanging from ceiling ornaments like monkeys and dancing on tables, certain Popeye types arm-wrestled their way to a servings of Appleton 12-year-old super-smooth Jamaican rum (which at the end of the party was passed around like it was water anyway).

The party mood was definitely not affected by the on-going flood panic, but Nathima Niki Indrapana did show up in some very fashionable rain boots that became the envy of some girls who wanted to trade in their painful high heels by the end of the night.

Alcohol either helped numb the stiletto-induced toe pain or encouraged it by drawing us to the dance floor. One popular drink that was specially concocted for the evening’s naughty nautical celebrations was ‘Sailor’s Grog’, a massive punch with Appleton White, Special and VX rums combined with fresh citrus, mango, pineapple and falernum.

All in all, good times rolled and people went nuts! From a spectator’s point of view, it must have been obvious that this ‘boat’ was properly rocking.

07/11/2011 - 10:56

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