Buddhist Ordination: the checklist

When a Thai Buddhist man reaches the age of 20, it is expected that he goes through Buddhist ordination for many reasons, including showing respect for his parents. Tle tells us more about the procedures and the ceremony that takes place.

Buddhist Ordination: the checklist

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Buddhist Ordination is a very important Buddhist ceremony in Thailand. It has been a tradition that sons in a Buddhist family will go through this ceremony when they reach the age of 20 years old. It is a must do, once in a lifetime obligation for Buddhist men. It is believed to be the best way to repay parents for raising them. Not only is it the greatest act of merit a man can commit in Thai Buddhism, it is also a way to pass on a knowledge of the religion to the next generation.

Procedures in Buddhist ordination ceremony

For the host

  1. Men who wish to go through the ordination must visit the abbot of a temple to introduce themselves and discuss for an auspicious day for the ordination ceremony.
  2. Prepare for the ceremony and send invitations to guests to inform them of the venue and schedule
  3. Arrange for someone to lead in the chanting of 227 Buddhist precepts in the Vinaya Pitaka and for bringing the nak (the candidate for ordination) into the ordination hall.
  4. Prepare eight necessities for a Buddhist monk. This includes:
    - An alms bowl
    - A robe for the monk
    - Winter clothing for the monk
    - A girdle cloth
    - A water filter
    - A needle and thread to mend his robes
    - A razor and a whetstone.
  5. Prepare food for the monk and guests on the day of the ordination ceremony.

For the candidate undergoing ordination (Nak)

  1. He must memorise the ordination chants which includes:
    - The request for ordination
    - A pledge to follow the precepts
    - A pledge on a Buddhist's conduct
    - A question and answer session with the ordaining abbot or monk
  2. He must stay in the temple to practice the ordination procedure from the senior monk and with other candidates
  3. He must ask for his monastic name from the senior monk or precept. This monastic name is required in the question and answer procedure.
  4. He must practice other chanting and rituals which include living according the Buddhist precepts and having good wishes when he is a monk.

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