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  • What’s on this weekend in Bangkok

    What’s on this weekend in Bangkok

    Parties for artists, fitness freaks and laydeez — it’s our hot picks for the weekend.

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  • Ratchamankha
  • Basic Buddhist Prayers

    Basic Buddhist Prayers

    For the average Buddhist in Thailand, learning prayers is done by rote memorisation. This can be made difficult by the fact that prayers are in Pali, a dead language that is no longer spoken in its native India. Apple — the computer company — comes to the rescue.

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  • Living with fear

    Living with fear

    As Helen faces annual tests on her transplanted liver, she describes the regular terror of waiting for results.

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  • Kittichai’s Kitchen

    Kittichai’s Kitchen

    Nicky checks out Issaya’s new cooking school.

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  • Na Thalang Ancestral Siamese Cuisine
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